Follow this some easy step to make appleberry products being yours! You can purchased it everywehere even from your home. We will try to give our best effort to deliver this handmade products to you.


1. Choose your order 

Visit our ‘shop’ galleries, if there is something attract you, give it loves or add it to cart. We had some products for decorating your place or gift for your loved ones. If theres similliar products that attract you, use our ‘compare’ tools. So you can choose it more wisely and easily.

2. If you’re done by choosing, proceed to checkout

After you feel enough by choosing our product and want to know about the sum total of your order and the ship cost, kindly klik process to checkout.

3. if there’s any coupun, put the code on there

At the particular day, we will give you a gift such as promo code to get you a discount for your order. Just follow us on instagram, facebook and subscribe. You will get some news about the promo. If you get the code, just put the code on there while you’re checkout.

4. Check the invoice and Pay

You will get an invoice of your order. Please also check to spam if there’s nothing in your inbox and do transfer in 24 hour from this invoice arrive. If in those 24hours, our admin can’t find your order number in our account, sorry but your order will be automatically deleted.

5. For tracking your order, please go to “order tracking” page

if you can not wait your order and want to know, is your order being processed or not, just go to “order tracking” page. We’ll try to email you about resi number of your order.

If you still confused, just chat us on line or whatsapp!